Income Enhancement for Farmers’ project (IEF)

90% of 1,100 farmers with over 6,000 people in their households realized improved incomes of up to 4 times and food security as a result of practicing improved farming practices. The farmers involved in 30 farmer groups, 7 Farmers’ Associations and Buikwe Bumu Produce and Marketing Cooperative Society Ltd partnered with Income Enhancement for Farmers’ Project (IEF) supported by Australian Aid and International Needs Australia.

  • Over 1,000 farmers received Agricultural extension education which improved farming practices.
  • International Needs Uganda provided improved farm inputs and technologies and encouraged membership savings and credit initiatives.
  • 6,380 Kilograms of improved maize seeds, 8,560 sacks of organic fertilizers, 2,000 banana suckers, 448 piglets, 18 heifers, 1,250 kg of tomato chemicals, 26 local goats, and 700 Kroiler birds among other farm inputs were distributed on credit to over 1,000farmers. Repayments stood at over 70%.
  • Agricultural value addition activities of the farmer aimed at improving the quality of produce and profitability were supported. Maize grain milling and animal feeds milling structures and machines were established at Matale.
  • Leadership and management capacities of 8 farmer organizations with over 2,500 farmers were developed through provision of knowledge and skills in effective leadership, resources mobilization and management, business planning and savings and credit management among others.
  • Farming households were empowered. Previously subsistence farmers have turned into small holder farmers and now consider farming as a business. Several households have diversified their sources of income.