Spiritual nurture and development (BCC)

Christian evangelism and discipleship was spearheaded by Buikwe Christian Centre Church in partnership with 14 Church Planters and 15 other local Churches. Commendable achievements were realized amidst numerous challenges ranging scarce resources to the works of evil. Below were the achievement registered:

  • 14 Church planters were facilitated monthly to reach out with the Gospels of Jesus Christ. 44,834 people were reached with the Gospel of Christ by the Church Planters and Buikwe Christian Centre (BCC) mission team. 2,828 became born again.
  • 4 new Churches with 110 Christians were planted by 4 Church Planters. 14 Church Planters were responsible for 84 planted Churches with a congregation of 6,641 Christians spread across the Districts of Buikwe, Mukono, Kayunga, Wakiso, Iganga, and Tororo.
  • Buikwe Christian Centre (BCC) under INUG Pastor continued to disciple 840 Christians (adults and Children) on a weekly basis. Discipleship involved Sunday Church services, mid week services of Bible study, fellowships, overnight prayers, home cells fellowships, pastoral home visits, supporting vulnerable members such as the elderly, the disabled and the sick among others.
  • BCC also continued to indulge in prisons, hospital, door to door, sports and crusade evangelisms
  • BCC partnered with Buikwe District Union of Persons with disabilities and Father’s Heart Ministry to identify over 150 persons with disabilities to be supported with wheel chairs, crutches and eye glasses.
  • 53 Church Ministers from various Churches within Buikwe District were equipped with discipleship and evangelism ministry skills by a team Church Ministers from UK, USA and INUG . This helped the ministers to improve upon their ministries.
  • 24 Bibles were distributed to a Church in Bombo, Wakiso District. This helped equip Christians who could not afford buying Bibles with the word of God