Health project

Health project (Makonge Community Health Centre IV)

Communities in Najja Sub County and other neighbouring communities including Buvuma Island communities were supported to access improved and affordable health care services at Makonge Community Health Centre IV in 2017. 39,891 cases received various preventive and curative medical care services. Malaria, HIV and AIDS and Typhoid remain a major health concern affecting a larger number of cases. MCHC provided; laboratory services, general medicine, antenatal care, immunization, male circumcision, antiretroviral therapy, community health education and family planning among others with a team of 13 medical staff.

  • 1,375 people living with AIDS (PHAs) were provided specialized AIDS management in Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) clinic at MCHC. This helped PHAs lead positive, longer, healthy and productive lives. Death rate among the PHAs was at 0.008%.
  • 144 HIV positive mothers with babies under family support group at MCHC received psychosocial support, ARVs and information on prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) with 22 mother later graduated to ART clinic after breast feeding their babies
  • 4,975 children under 5 received immunization against the 9 killer diseases compared to 2,242 in 2016 as a result of increased community mobilization and outreach programs. No infant deaths related to preventable immunizable diseases were registered at the Unit as a result of immunization.
  • 1,559 School children (832 girls & 727 boys) in 12 schools received public health messages on sanitation, environmental and personal hygiene, sexually transmitted infections, and cervical cancer
  • Efforts were geared at HIV prevention and avoiding unplanned pregnancies by freely distributing 89,841 condoms (89,591 male condoms & 250 female condoms). 24,386 condoms were distributed in 2016
  • The Health Centre continued to partner with Buikwe District health Office, GAVI, Ministry of health, Uganda National Expanded Program for Immunization, Uganda Protestant medical bureau, Uganda health marketing group, Makerere University Walter Reed project, Medical Access, Mukono Anglican Diocese, Uganda expanded program for Immunization and PREFA. The partners provided support supervision, medical supplies, funds and expertise which enhanced the quality of health services provided in areas of immunization, family planning, antiretroviral therapy, TB and data management among others
  • Maternity Ward was upgraded. It involved installation of piped water systems, water borne toilets and electricity
  • Community health Insurance was introduced at the Unit with 25 household registered under the health Insurance. A contribution of 20,000UGX per household will help provide affordable health to 100 persons under the cover