Transformation through Apprenticeship and vocational skills

Sarah Mumbejja, a single mother operates a saloon business while Mama Aisha deals in second hand cloths business. These ladies received extra support from sponsors of their children to boost their businesses. They are now able to meet the needs of their households with ease. Mama Aisha formally had a small stall selling tomatoes and onions worth Uganda Shillings 50,000. Her stall has since grown to Uganda Shillings 250000. She also opened up another stall selling second hand clothes currently worth Uganda Shillings 1,220,000. Sarah Mumbejja had this to say; “I am really grateful to God for the far He has brought me. I never got a chance to go to school. Additional support from the sponsor of my child enabled me to enroll for hair dressing course and start up a hair salon business. I used to have sleepless nights and found it hard to get food, rent and even soap for my household. That is now history! My children now sleep on mattresses and I can also afford to prepare good meals and ably fend for my family. My family and I are living a happy life. Thanks to INUG staff and our friends overseas who support us. May God bless them so much”39 OVCs completed courses in various specialities including in vocational skills. Ronald has already got a job in a Kampala garages while Siyama (tailor) has been retained by her trainer. Ronald had this to say“ I thank the project staff for advising me to undertake a course in motorvehcle mechanics and for not giving up on me. I now love my job and I am happy that I undertook it. I am already earning money and can now meet my immediate needs. May INUG continue with the good work”.

Vocationalization of Secondary education

Buikwe Secondary School enriched its curriculum by integrating Vocational courses as teaching subjects beginning 2015. 100 out of 260 students undertaking their courses at Hope Vocational School completed their two year skills courses in 2016. The hands-on skills training is in tailoring and knitting, hair dressing, brick laying and concrete practice and candle wax and liquid soap making skills. Some of students who are OVCs now earn incomes to supplement their School fees and scholastic materials needs through making and selling products/services such as school sweaters and hair dressing. A case in point is Elisha Wambewo who currently makes and supplies sweaters to Schools and individuals. Elisha recently earned Uganda shillings 105,000 after selling 7 pieces of Sweaters to a School in Kiyindi. He plans to buy sewing and knitting machines to establish a tailoring workshop.

Livelihood improvements through farmer organizations

150 Farmers in Koko-Kizigo Farmers’ Association, Buikwe District started bulking and joint marketing of their maize produce. This helped them
bargain for better prices and avoid exploitation by middle men. The farmers partner with International Needs Uganda through Income Enhancement Project funded by International Needs Australia and Australian Aid. Through the partnership, the Farmers received regular Agricultural Extension services, leadership capacity building and improved farm inputs on credit. Improved farming practices are taking root. Members’ household incomes and food security continues to improve. Children access to education, health care, better nutrition and clothing among other basic needs continues to improve. The once sad faces are now full of smiles and hope. Resilience of the partnering households to shocks such as food shortages/famine due to prolonged drought has significantly improved due to increased Agricultural production and productivity.