Today’s Fore Word

On behalf of the INUG staff and my own behalf I would like to take
you through the next few pages, in which we have recorded some of
the successes and challenges of the year 2016. I am glad and thankful
to God who has enabled us to journey through the 12months; for the
successes we praise him and for the challenges we seek to turn them
into opportunities so that we could do better in the following year(s).
I also wish to thank the board of directors, staff, donors plus the
other stake holders especially the beneficiaries of our ministry
endeavours. Together with the mentioned stakeholders we have
managed to accomplish a lot in the year under review as you will
read in the pages ahead.
One of the biggest challenges that we have faced in the year 2016, is
the reduced funds from our donors. This is evidenced in the reduced
capital projects done and also the stagnant numbers of sponsored
children over the year but also the struggles we have had to achieve
some operations. As I said earlier this challenge has to be turned into
an opportunity of laying strategies to raise funds from other sources
and more so from within Uganda. This would be a sustainable
venture as we seek to make or achieve sustainability for INUG and its
In 2016 we have managed to start and complete the process of
putting in place the INUG 2017- 2021 Strategic plan to replace the
2012 – 2016 one. We have seen that in the past plan we have
achieved growth in numbers and scope in the different ministries.
What we would like to see in the next 5 years? 1. Families with
enough food, 2. Families accessing clean, 3. Families with proper
disposal of human waste, 4. Families with a home based source of
income, 5. Families with some form of saving, 6. Families with
children who go to school, and 7. Families with spiritual growth and
We have the conviction that the God who has helped us through the
2012-2016 periods is the same one who will see us through the 2017
– 2021 periods. We also trust that all of you who have stood with us
will still be there for us.
2 Kings 6; 16 “For those who are with us are more than those with
them” We would like to believe like Elisha in this verse. Yes we want
big numbers, but I think we need quality numbers whether small or
big; Most especially to know that God is with us. He will help us to
manage through.

From: Rev Justus Miwanda
Executive Director

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