Improved access to quality primary, secondary and Vocational educational to partner communities was enhanced by supporting operational of the 2 Makonge Primary Primary Schools in Buikwe and Kiyindi, Buikwe Senior secondary School and Hope Vocational Institute.

  • 2,199 Children (1,162 girls & 1,037 boys) enrolled in Makonge Buikwe & Makonge Kiyindi P/S, Buikwe SS and Hope Vocational Institute. The learners received all-round education including career guidance sessions aimed at enabling them to realize their full potentials in life after School.
  • 283 students of Buikwe SS received vocational skills training in tailoring, kneating and weaving, hair dressing, brick laying and concrete practice, wax candle and liquid soap making.
  • 1,426 of the enrolled children (64%) were sponsored under INCAP while 804 children were self sponsored but receiving School fees subsidies from INUG.
  • Learners accessed better quality education compared to their counterparts in rural public Schools who go without a meal the whole day, have one teacher per class, crowding in classes while other study under tree shades.
  • Academic performance at INUG Schools continued to improve and better than the national average pass at National Examinations as indicated in table 2.
National examination Number of candidates Division 1 2 3 4 U INUG Pass Average National Examination pass Average
PLE 179 17 133 20 7 2 98.8% 87.02%
UCE 70 10 16 26 18 100% 89.7%
UACE 32 23 passed with at least 2 principle passes 71.8% 65.8%

Table 2 shows academic performance of students in INUG schools at national examinations

  • School drop-out rate was under control with over 85% completion rate for primary level, 90% at O level and 100% at A level. National drop-out rate for Primary level is 60%. Figures indicate that 6% (100,066 out of 1,712,420 children) who enrolled for Primary one in 2005 completed Senior six in 2017.
  • Parents and guardians continued to be engaged in School activities involving planning meetings, games and Sports and contributions of fees and other educational needs for their Children. Parents of Buikwe SS supported the construction of a 3 unit staff quarter up to roofing worth 20 million UGX.
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities in sports and physical education was supported in liaison with INUK, British Foreign School Society and UNESCO Chair. It involved training 28 teachers from 14 selected Schools in Buikwe and Mukono Districts in Inclusive Sports and physical education for Children focusing on Changing perceptions, learning for inclusion and taking Action. 660 children with different abilities were active participant, 800 other children and 300 parents attended inclusive sports festival. Awareness on the need to involve CWDs in all aspects of life was made. The 14 Schools were supported to develop inclusion policies.

Table 3: Enrollment in INUG supported Schools in 2017

School Enrollment Totals
Girls Boys
Makonge Mixed Primary School 353 363 716
Makonge Kiyindi Primary School 500 429 929
Buikwe Senior Secondary School 274 258 532
Hope Vocational Institute 16 2 18
Totals 1,143 1,052 2,195
2016 Enrollment 2,284

Enrolled slightly dropped by 89 compared to 2016 due to decline in the number of sponsored children and increasing cost of education service provision.